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Sextexting (Phone Sex Sexting)

Why Do People Engage In Sextexting?

So, what's the big attraction in sexting? It may not be as thrilling as a night out, but it's got its proponents. The thing with sexting is, it's more about the times we live in than the technology itself. We started sexting because it was the right time to start. Moreover, there are now commercial sexting lines such as where people can find a sextexting mate for the night or for longer.

So, some of the attraction in sexting might be any combination of...

  • Distance. This is the number-one motivator behind sexting. John and Jane meet and fall in love in college in Boston, then one gets a job in Washington state and the other still has two years to go and gets transferred to Cambridge. Is there any hope for John and Jane? Of course there is, after they get their lives back in synch a couple years from now (give or take a down-payment on something bulky). And they'll text each other little squirts and flirts every night until they do.

  • Safety. We're certain that this won't be the first time you've heard it: Safe sex is important to prevent pregnancy and STDs. Well, you can't get safer than being 500 miles away and using your cell phone, right? Nobody's caught AIDS from tapping a glass screen yet.

  • Fantasy. Some of us are perfectly happy with our mainstream lives and our white picket-fenced homes. And some people like to walk on the wild side. Whatever quirk there is to being done the way you want to be done, if it doesn't fit in with the rest of your current life (or hung-up spouse), fulfilling it through fantasy sexting is the next best thing.

  • A good partner is hard to find! Long-distance online dating is probably your best option if you live in some hayseed town with more deer than people per square mile. Your dating pool is also shrunk if you have highly discriminating tastes and just can't settle for what's in front of you. It's much better to widen your net to the whole world to find that perfect person who also enjoys heavy metal music, wine tasting parties, Twilight, and stamp collecting. And infinitely more fun that talking to a deer.

  • It's the 21st century! One thing you can still say for Internet communication: you meet a different class of people. Going online at least screens out the people who can't hold down a job, pay a phone bill, use modern communications, or spell. Go to a single's bar, and that's exactly who'll come up and breathe on you.

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